AVA Smart Electric Actuator

The AVA Smart electric actuator is instantly recognisable not only with its very compact size and unique gray and orange housing, but also its bright external OLED screen and push buttons that provide local control and adjustment. More accurately described as an electronic actuator, the AVA smart actuator is controlled entirely by software, and with digital magnetic position sensing as opposed to traditional cams and micro-switches for position control, has many more features than actuators many times its cost.
User programmable options using the push buttons and screen include local control, position adjustment and speed control.

  • AVA-S20

    AVA S20.14 Smart Compact Electric Actuator – Failsafe

Actuated Valve Supplies offer 2 electric actuator types, the Basic and the Smart. The AVA Smart actuator is a fully electronic actuator with digital magnetic position sensing which eliminates the traditional cams and micro-switches normally used to stop the motor actuator in the open and closed positions. Using the bright external OLED screed and push buttons, the AVA actuator can be controlled locally and have several useful parameters changed, such as adjusting the open and closed position and the working time. Motorised valves built using the AVA small actuator will have a compact footprint and be feature rich, resulting in a smart electrically actuated ball valve or a smart actuated butterfly valve.