Stainless Steel CH-air Actuator


CH-air Stainless steel pneumatic actuators are of exceptional quality and are produced from forged stainless steel, as opposed to the lower cost stainless steel actuators which are produced from castings.
Producing from forgings has numerous advantages including the ability to operate with higher air pressures (up to 15 bar) which can enable smaller sized actuators to be used, and the surface can be mirror polished for sanitary or hygienic applications.

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  • CHIR

    Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuators – CH-air ‘A’

All CH-air actuators conform to the international standards and provide Namur interfaces, ISO 5211:2017 and VDI/VDE 3845 mounting that facilitate the direct mounting of valves, and position control, monitoring and feedback devices.

Namur solenoid valves, limit switch boxes and pneumatic positioners can all be quickly mounted to the actuators.
CH-air pneumatic valve actuators are of a standard rack and pinion construction, pistons with an integral rack, drive a pinion and create the rotary motion needed to open and close a quarter turn valve.
Compressed air can be supplied and exhausted from either side to drive the pistons which then rotates the pinion. The final positions of the actuator are set using adjustable mechanical stops within the actuator.

Pneumatic valve actuators are fast acting, can be operated continuously, and are comfortable in very high cycling applications.