2pc PN-16 Cast Iron, Flanged ATEX Ball Valve

SKU: V1900V


16 Bar Cast Iron ball valve for Industrial operation.


For all common fluids
Do not use for steam
Do not use for compressed air


Maximum Working Pressure : 16bar.
Maximum Working Temperature : – 10 °C / + 200 °C.


  • Full Bore
  • Anti blow-out stem
  • ISO 5211 Mounting pad.
  • Black painting colour RAL 9004 5-15 microns thickness.
  • Hollow stainless steel ball

Technical Specs


Body: C.Iron GJL250
Ends: C.Iron GJL250
Ball (ND15-25): S.Steel 303
Ball (ND32-200): S.Steel 304
Stem: S.Steel 304
Seat: PTFE
Handle: Steel
Washer: PTFE
Body Gasket: PTFE
Body Screw: Steel DIN 933 5.6
Handle Screw: Steel DIN 933 5.6
Handle Washer: Steel
O ring: FKM
Circlip: Steel DIN 471
Stop Scew: Steel DIN 912 8.8

Fabrication according to ISO 9001 :2015
Valve design according to DIN 3357
Body design according to DIN 3840
Directive 2014/68/EU: CE No. 0036 Risk Category I Module A.
Pressure tests according to EN 12266-1, Rate A
Flanged ends according to EN 1092-2 PN10/16.

Torque Values (@ 16 Bar)

Valve Size: Torque
15mm: 6Nm
20mm: 6Nm
25mm: 11Nm
32mm: 12Nm
40mm: 26Nm
50mm: 41Nm
65mm: 41Nm
80mm: 71Nm
100mm: 119Nm
125mm: 190Nm
150mm: 220Nm
200mm: 450Nm

Kv Values

Valve Size: Kv
15mm: 37.4m3/h
20mm: 74.8m3/h
25mm: 105m3/h
32mm: 176m3/h
40mm: 223m3/h
50mm: 416m3/h
65mm: 660m3/h
80mm: 1200m3/h
100mm: 1980m3/h
125mm: 3600m3/h
150mm: 5040m3/h
200mm: 10890m3/h