Air actuated stainless steel 3 way ball valve with pneumatic actuator



Pneumatically Actuated 3 Way Ball Valve
1/2″ to 4″ Full bore 3 way ball valve for diverting duty
L Port ball valve
Ends screwed BSP female x female
CH-air A or C Type pneumatic actuator
Supplied assembled and bench tested


Double acting or spring return pneumatic actuator.
Air to open, air to close


Valve screwed 1/2″ to 2″ BSP female
Minimum 6 bar clean dry air to actuator


Air actuated 3 way stainless steel ball valve with double acting or spring return pneumatic actuator, ball valve designed for actuation with integrally cast ISO5211 actuator mounting platform, L port for diverting duty, supplied assembled and bench function tested. For use in general service applications such as water, foodstuffs, air, oils, gases and many corrosive media. CH-air A or C Type pneumatic actuator fitted producing a competitive valve and actuator assembly.
You can buy these 3 way actuated valves online at AVS.

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