AVA S20.19 Smart Compact Electric Actuator – On/Off – High Speed

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IP67 compact high speed on-off electric actuator
• Multi-voltage capable
• All external electrical connection via supplied pre-installed cable.
• A bright external OLED screen
• External push buttons for local control and setting adjustments
• Emergency mechanical manual override
• Local visual and remote electrical position confirmation
• F03, F04 and F05 ISO5211 mounting, 14mm star drive
• Manufactured to ISO9001 standards

UK standard stock is “SPDT. Switchable +ve/ live Relay EoT confirmation”, other control options are factory options and will not be held in stock.


The AVA range of High Speed on/off industrial weatherproof reversible electric actuators offer surprisingly high torque capability from a very compact housing, making them ideal in most applications, but particularly where space is limited.

Employing local controls via a bright external OLED screen and push buttons, the AVA on/off actuator offers many innovative solutions to create a very user-friendly actuator to mount, commission, connect and operate.

Standard features include fails to a safe position on loss of external power, local control, speed control, 3 position control and working angle control.
You can buy all your AVA on/off electric actuators and AVA on/off actuated valves online at AVS.

DIN Plug Conversion Kit for AVA Actuator
optionally available pre-configured with the DIN Plug Conversion Kit

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Technical Specs


  Low Voltage
Rated Voltage 24V DC
Voltage Range  DC 22-28V
Consumption 48W run, 0.85W hold
Peak current 4.5mA (DC 24V) for 5ms
Fuse 10A


  Low Voltage
Maximum Break Torque 15 Nm
Run & Reseat Torque 15 Nm
Manual operationYes, by hexagonal wrench (supplied in clip) when no power is being applied
Run time ≈ 1 sec