AVA S400.25 Industrial Strength Smart Electric Actuator – Modulating

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The AVA Series 400 Industrial Strength Smart On/Off weatherproof, reversible electric valve actuators, offer a 400Nm torque capability from a compact, IP67 Aluminium case, making them ideal in most applications.

Employing local controls, via a bright external OLED screen and pushbutton interface the S400 On/Off actuator offers many innovative solutions to create a very user-friendly actuator to mount, commission, connect and operate.

This robust, industrial strength electric valve actuator from AVA, is a very compact actuator, offering 400Nm torque output. Manual override is possible via a mechanical key, end-of-travel limit switches control the actuation, an internal anti-condensation heater and an ISO 5211 mounting platform complete the design which facilitates the direct mounting of ISO 5211 standard ball, butterfly, and most other valves.

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