DIN Plug Conversion Kit for AVA Actuators


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Many electric valve actuator manufacturers offer the convenience of making the electrical connections to the actuator via external DIN plugs. This connection method is quick and easy and eliminates the need to remove the actuator’s cover and connect via an internal terminal strip.
The AVA electric actuator is not available with DIN plugs from the factory so, in order to provide this connectivity, AVS has developed a conversion kit that allows users to connect the AVA actuator using DIN plugs.
This conversion kit allows other manufacturers’ electric actuators that are supplied with DIN plugs to be changed to AVA actuators.


• On/Off – Large Grey Plug
• Modulating – Large Grey and Small Black Plugs


The AVA DIN plug conversion kit is supplied with the AVA electric actuator pre-wired into it by AVS so that the supplied assembly can be quickly and easily connected on site, particularly if it is replacing an actuator brand that is supplied with DIN plugs as standard.
The conversion kit comprises of a stainless steel support bracket with a pre-wired IP65 ABS terminal box with DIN plugs.
The typical application shows how the motorised assembly would be supplied, in this case, the AVA DIN plug conversion kit is used with a 3 piece stainless steel ball valve.

Allows AVA actuators to be powered by external DIN plugs

Assembly fitted to Mars 77 3-piece ball valve - top angle view

Complete kit

modulating version – The control micro plug is inverted to avoid the end of travel confirmation plug being incorrectly connected to the control connection, as this would irreparably damage the AVA actuator and would not be covered under the warranty.

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