Ductile Iron Ball Check Valve with Threaded BSP Ends

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A high quality flanged ball check valve in ductile iron for waste water, sewage, sticky fluids, raising water.


Max Working Pressure: 10 Bar
Operating Temp: -5°C +70°C


  • Range from ND1.1/4″ up to ND3″
  • The rubber ball is totally encapsulated for superior sealing and corrosion resistance
  • Installation in horizontal or vertical position.
  • Low head loss.
  • Low noise
  • 100% sealing
  • Epoxy paint 250 microns RAL 5015.

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Technical Specs


Body: D.Iron GJS500-7
Ball: D.Iron GJS500-7 + NBR
Joint: NBR
Bonnet: D.Iron GJS500-7
Purgue Bottom: S.Steel 304
Bolts & Nuts: S.Steel A2 (304)


Threaded cylindrical female BSP acc. To: : ISO 228-1
Pressure Test: EN 12266-1 Rate A. Body : 15 bar. Seat : 11 bar.
EU directive 2014/68/EU Equipements under pressure: Excluded from directive