Gear operated CEPEX Extreme plastic GRPP butterfly valve

SKU: V6131M


Butterfly valve to regulate or isolate flow in pipe systems.
Media can flow in either direction (bi-directional).
CE Marked as per 97/23/EC Directive
Max service life as per EN ISO 16136
Wafer type butterfly valve to suit PN6/10/16 flanges
Body: GRPP Disc: PVC Liner: Food grade EPDM.
Gear operated.


Hand operated
Open/ Close
Disc turns 90 degrees


Up to 6″ Max Pressure: 10bar at +20C
8″ and above, Max Pressure: 6bar at +20C
Temp Range: 0C to +60C
Note: As temp rises, max pressure reduces.
See Pressure x Temperature chart.


EU manufactured gear operated CEPEX Extreme butterfly valves have a quality GRPP body, PVC disc and EPDM liner and produce a butterfly valve that offers excellent durability and reliability in service. Buy these valves online from AVS. If you need a flange set to install your Extreme Series butterfly valve in your system, you can also buy them from AVS.

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