J+J J2-L10 Lightweight All Plastic Electric Actuator for 24VAC-DC

SKU: J2-L10


For the numerous situations where the torque in a small bore ball valve does not need to exceed 10Nm, the complete feature list of the J3C-S isn’t always needed especially for simple on-off applications, the R series is just too large and heavy.

For these reasons, the European electric actuator manufacturer J+J created a new, all plastic all-plastic design of reversible electric actuator, the J2-L series.

The J2-L series’s smaller, plastic housing suits smaller ball valves and with its all plastic gearbox, the J2-10 series is very light-weight.


Max break torque 12Nm.
Max run and reseat torque 10Nm.
Max ambient temp range -20 to +70C.


9mm or 11mm female star drive output.
ISO5211 F04 mounting.


The J2L10 all-plastic electric actuator has a maximum torq of 170Nm. This 24VAC-DC Multi-voltage, reversible, IP65 quarter turn valve actuator, with manual override handle, offers power-open / power-close with fail-freeze functionality.

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