J+J J2-L20 Electric Actuator for 24-48V

SKU: J2-L20


9mm or 11mm Female star drive output.


Max break torque 25Nm.
Max run and reseat torque 20Nm.
Max ambient temp range -20 to +70C.


The J2L20 smart electric actuator has a maximum torq of 25Nm. This 24V-48V Multi-voltage, reversible, IP65 quarter turn valve actuator, with manual override handle, anti-condensation-heater, integral torque limiter, high-visibility LED status light and dome visual indicator, plug-and-play external Din plugs and an F03, F04, and F05 by 9mm or 11mm female star mounting system offers power-open / power-close with fail-freeze functionality.

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