J+J J3C-H55 On/Off 60Nm Electric Actuator

SKU: J3C-H55


Max break torque 60Nm.
Max run and reseat torque 55Nm.


F07, F05 x 17mm female star mounting.


•Failsafe – using internal battery (BSR) kit.
•Modulating – using potentiometer positioner (DPS) kit.
•Failsafe & Modulating.


J+J electric actuator with a maximum torque of 60Nm, this electric actuator is an 85-240V reversible, Multi-voltage, IP67, on-off quarter turn smart electric actuator, with manual override, a heater, an electric torque limiter, an LED status light, external Din plug connections and visual dome indicator.

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Technical Specs


Max Break and Run Torque: 60 - 55 Nm
Supply Voltage Range: 85-240V AC or DC
Working time: 14s
Power Light: Yes
Actuator Status Light: Red LED
Fault Status Light: Flashing Red LED
Electrical Connection: External Din plugs (Supplied)
Valve mounting: ISO5211 F05 and F07
Drive Output: 17mm female star
Ingress Protection: IP67 Fully weatherproof
Anti-condensation Protection: Thermostatic heater supplied
Ambient Temperature range: -20C to +70C
Over Torque Protection: Electronic torque limiter
Emergency Hand Operation: Selectable manual override
Visual Position Indicator: Dome style, mechanically driven
End of Travel Confirmation: 2 volt free SPDT micro-switches
Weight: 2.4kg


BSR means: Battery'Spring Return' (no mechanical springs)
Purpose: Creates failsafe electric actuator from on-off version
Main components: Industrial rechargeable NiCad battery and PCB
Initial minimum charge period: 28h
Max operations from a fully charged battery: 5 at maximum torque
Recharge time after each movement: Minimum 10 minutes
Battery consumption when working: 6.2W
Nominal battery capacity: 1000mA
Configuration options: Fail closed or fail open on loss of power
On power resumption: Respects control input signal at moment power restored
Battery charge: 36mA/h


DPS means: Digital Positioning System
Purpose: Creates modulating electric actuator from on-off version
Main components: PCB with potentiometer feedback and digital control
Input signal options: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 2-10V
Output signal options: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 2-10V
Response to loss of control signal: Fail-Closed, Fail-Open, Fail-Freeze