J+J U0 On/Off Electric Actuator – Unidirectional

SKU: U-0


The U-0 is a base entry electric actuator offering unidirectional travel (rotates in the same direction), manual override and 2 volt-free position confirmation switches as standard.

With the same wiring connections for AC & DC power supplies and with external DIN plug connections, eliminating the need to remove the actuator’s cover to connect, the U-0 is quick and easy to install.


F03,F04 & F05 x 14mm female star mounting.


Max break torque 15Nm.
Max run and reseat torque 15Nm.
Max ambient temp range -20 to +70C..


Supply voltage: 240VAC, 110VAC or 24V AC/DC (not multi-voltage)
9mm or 11mm female star drive output.


Maximum 15Nm Uni-directional IP65 failsafe quarter turn basic electric actuator, with manual override, external Din plug connection and local visual indicator.