Mars 3 Piece Stainless steel ball valves with AVA Smart electric actuator

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2 Way electric ball valve used to isolate flow in pipe systems.
Media can flow in either direction (bi-directional).
AVA Smart On-Off Electric Actuator Features :
Voltages available – 24V AC/DC, 95-265V AC/DC
OLED Screen and external push buttons – local control
User friendly local adjustments including speed control
Model 20 supplied with pre-wired cable
IP67 weatherproof, CE marked
Motor overload protection
Emergency hand operation
Local and remote position indication
Series GE Economy 3 Piece Ball Valve Features:
Full bore ball valve designed for actuation
Body: CF8M 316 SS Ball: CF8M Seats: RPTFE
End connections: Screwed BSP female


Power open, power close.
3 Wire SPDT relay or switch required.
Live switches to open and close the actuator.
Stays put on loss of external power


Max pressure 63bar
Assembly Temp range: -20 to +70C
Call if higher temp needed.


These Mars 3 piece electric actuated full bore stainless ball valves use the AVA Smart electric actuator to provide on-off isolation in general service applications. Stays put if power fails. Supplied fully assembled and tested. You can buy AVA electric actuated stainless steel ball valves online at AVS.

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