PN-16 Stainless Steel Wafer Type Butterfly Valve for Corrosive fluids


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A high quality butterfly valve with 100% sealing PTFE suitable for corrosive fluids.


Maximum Working Pressure DN32/40 to DN150 : 16 bar
Maximum Working Pressure DN200-DN300 : 10 bar
Maximum Working Temperature : – 25 °C / + 200 °C.


  • Full crossing stem wafer type design
  • Range from ND40 up to ND300
  • Suitable for bidirectional use
  • 100% tightness
  • 9 positions handle with locking device up to ND200
  • ISO 5211 mounting pad
  • Rilsan coated body RAL 5024 with 250 microns thickness min.
  • PTFE sealing ring 3 mm thickness with silicone elastic gasket of 6 mm thickness.

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Technical Specs


Locking Plate: Aluminium
O-Ring: FKM
Stem: S.S. 316
Disc: 316 ASTM A351 CF8M - PTFE LINED
Seat: PTFE
Body: D.Iron EN-GJS500-7
Screws: A4
Thrust Washer: S.Steel 316
Screw: A4
Lever (where applicable): Aluminium


Face to Face : EN 558-1 Serie 20.
Mounting between flanges EN1092-1 PN16 / ANSI150.
Tightness Test according to : ISO 5208 Rate A.

Manufacture according to : ISO 9001: 2015.