Smart Electric Actuator Failsafe Modulating J3CH BSR DPS



IP67 Failsafe modulating electric actuator
DPS Digital Positioning System pre-installed
BSR Battery back-up system pre-installed
Accepts either 0-10V or 4-20mA Control signal I/O
Auto senses any supply voltage between 85V & 240V AC or DC
All external electrical connection via supplied DIN plugs
Multi-colour LED status light
Electronic over-torque protection
De-clutchable, selectable hand wheel manual override
Local visual and remote electrical position confirmation
Multiple ISO5211 mounting options
Manufactured in the EU to ISO9001 standards


Proportional control. Fails safe on loss of external power.
DPS Digital Positioning System pre-installed.
Control signal I/O can be 0-10V or 4-20mA.
BSR Battery back-up ystem installed.
Can be configured fail closed, or fail open on loss of power.


Respect maximum and run torque figures.
Model number indicates run torque in Nm.
Example: J3C-H140 has a maximum run torque of 140Nm


EU manufactured J J electric actuator Model J3C-H offers many user friendly features as standard including 85-240V AC/DC multi-voltage capability, a multi-colour LED status light, an electronic torque limiter and a an IP67 fully weatherproof plastic housing.
This single phase failsafe modulating version uses an internally installed position system employing digital position sensing technology for accurate positioning called DPS. It also has an internally installed battery back-up system called BSR to send the actuator to a pre-set ‘safe’ position should external power be lost.
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