Unidirectional Wafer Type Cast Iron Hand Lever Knife Gate Valve For PN10 Flanges

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A high quality knife gate valve in cast iron for pulp production, water, water treatment, waste water, chemical industry ( inc. powdery or crystallizing products), wine-producing, pulverized products (inc. cement work, pneumatic transport, stocking).


Maximum Working Pressure : DN50-250: 10 bar, DN300: 7 bar
Operating Temp: -10°C +80°C


  • Range from ND50 up to ND300.
  • Function ON/OFF or regulation.
  • Unidirectional tightness.
  • Small head loss.
  • Gland assembly: packing and O-ring (same mat. as seat joint) to assure the elasticity and decrease the operating torque.
  • Possibility to regulate thick fluids with the adaptation of a diaphragm ring.

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Technical Specs


Body: C.Iron EN-GJL-250
Packing: PTFE
Gate: S.Steel 304
Stem: S.Steel 13% Cr
Support plate: Steel + Epoxy
Nut support: Zinc Steel
Friction washer: Bronze
Nut: Bronze
Stop Screw: S.Steel A2
Greaser: S.Steel A2
Cap: Plastic
Protection tube: Steel
Handwheel: C.Iron EN-GJL-250
Packing Gland: Aluminum / Steel
Gasket: NBR
Support ring: S.Steel 316
O-Ring: NBR