Valpes ATEX Electric Actuator – VRX-VSX – Failsafe


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Valpes VRX-VSX ATEX Electric Actuator Features :
ATEX Approved
Failsafe battery back up system installed
Multi-voltage capable
Manufactured in the EU
IP68 Fully weatherproof, CE marked
Electronic torque limiter
Emergency manual override
Local and remote position indication


Power open, power close.
Fails to safe position on loss of external power
Factory set to fail closed, or fail open


Respect the maximum torque figures.
Model number indicates the maximum torque in Nm.


The EU manufactured VALPES VRX-VSX ATEX Zone 1 Series failsafe electric actuator offers many user friendly features as standard including multi-voltage capability, an electronic torque limiter and a fully weatherproof plastic housing, and are CSA approved.
You can buy all your Valpes VRX-VSX ATEX electric actuators and ATEX actuated valves online at AVSX.

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