J3C-S Battery Failsafe Actuator Overview

JJ electric actuator BSR Overview

24-240V J3C S Type Smart Actuator Features

  • IP67 Ingress Protection
    • Fully weatherproofed and even short term submersion.
  • Multi-voltage 24-240V AC/DC
    • All external connection. Saves installation time as no need to remove the cover to connect. Simply wire the 3 pin plugs supplied with the actuator.
  • Power Connector
    • Colour coded grey DIN plug for power.
  • Volt-free remote position confirmation
    • Colour coded black DIN plug for end of travel confirmation.
  • Selectable manual override
    • Switches between and auto operation. Stays in manual until auto is re-selected.
  • Local dome mechanical position indicator
    • Shows flow path in 2 and 3 way valves.
  • Multi-Colour LED status light
    • Power ‘on’ light. Superb for fault diagnosis. Blinks to advise fault. Blink-sequence helps to pinpoint the cause.
  • Anti-Condensation Heater
    • Automatic when power is connected
  • Electronic over-torque protection
    • Protects actuator against jammed valves.
  • Multi-ISO5211 mount and star drive.
    • Allows direct mounting to ISO5211 compliant valves

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