AVA Basic Compact Electric Actuator – Capacitor Failsafe



The AVA Basic Compact Electric Actuator with fail-safe capability, is an IP67 rated, On-Off actuation, fail-safe capable electric actuator that is manufactured to the highest standards by AV Actuators.

A capacitor driven fail-safe is the recommend approach, as it allows for a faster, safer and more reliable operation.

A pre-installed, IP67 rated, combined power and signal cable for a quick, hassle free installation and replacement of the unit.

A full-metal gearbox with specially designed gears offers a robust, fast and quiet operation.


  • Emergency manual override
  • Local visual and remote electrical position confirmation
  • Multiple ISO5211 mounting options
  • Manufactured to ISO9001 standards


Power open, power close.
Fails closed on loss of external power.


Respect maximum torque figures.


The AVA range of industral weatherproof reversible fail-safe electric actuators offer surprisingly high torque capability from a very compact housing, making them ideal in most applications, but particularly where space is limited.
Employing an internal capacitor to store the energy required to send the AVA actuator to a pre-determined ‘safe’ position, the AVA fail-safe actuator uses the same housing and maintains it’s compact size.

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