AVA S34 Smart Compact Electric Actuator – Modulating-0-10VDC – LED screen

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AVA S110 IP67 compact 110Nm on-off modulating electric actuator
Stays put on loss of external power
Fast-acting version (high speed)
Multi-voltage capable 24VAC – 24VDC
Control signal I/O: 4-20mA
All external electrical connection via supplied pre-installed cable.
Bright external OLED screen
External push buttons for local control and setting adjustments
Emergency mechanical manual override
Local visual and remote electrical position confirmation
Manufactured to ISO9001 standards


Continuous external power.
Stays put on loss of external power.
Fast-acting version (high speed)
Movement proportional to 4-20mA input signal.
Output signal (closed loop) as standard.


Respect maximum torque figures.
Maximum Torque 110Nm


The fast-acting AVA Smart S110 industral weatherproof modulating electric actuators offer surprisingly high torque capability from a very compact housing, making them ideal in most applications, but particularly where space is limited.
Employing local controls via a bright external OLED screen and push buttons, The fast-acting AVA modulating actuator offers many innovative solutions to create a very user friendly actuator to mount, commission, connect and operate. Employing the latest digital magnetic position sensing technology, The fast-acting AVA modulating actuator offers superior positioning accuracy. Control signal 4-20mA I/O.
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