Electrically actuated WRAS Approved Lugged Butterfly Valve with J3CS actuator

SKU: EJ3620


Electrically operated valves are driven by a motor and gear-box. On receipt of a continuous voltage signal the motor runs and, via a gearbox in the J+J smart electric actuator, rotates the valve stem. The motor stops at the desired position (usually 0° or 90°) by internal cams striking micro-switches. The smart valve actuator remains in this position, with the voltage still applied continuously, until switched and a contin-uous voltage reversing signal is applied, which runs the motor in the opposite direction, reversing the rotation until separate set of internal cams strike separate set of micro-switches.


Main J3/ J3C Smart electric actuator features
• LED light for continual visual actuator status feedback.
• Fully weatherproof smart industrial actuator.
• Multi-voltage 24-240V capable actuator.
• All electrical connections are external, so no need to remove a cover.
• Selectable manual override facility.
• Thermostatic anti-condensation heater.
• Electronic torque limiter.
• End of travel switches for remote open/ closed indication.
• CE marked.

EU manufactured by J+J.

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