Namur Pilot Solenoid Valves with Hazardous Area Alumiumiun Body

SKU: PAA9-us


Pneumatic Actuator Accessory:
24VDC up to Namur Pilot Solenoid Valve
Provides electric control of pneumatic actuators.
Energise open, de-energise spring close.
Brand: Power Genex
Area: Hazardouse area use Zone I & II
Body: Coated aluminum
Spool: Stainless steel
Seals: NBR
Air ports: 1/4″ BSP


Energise to open, de-energise to close


Suits 1/4″ Namur standard interface.


Power Genex namur pilot solenoid valve for hazardous area use. Coated aluminum body. Can be used on single or double acting pneumatic actuators, and has a manual override facility. 24VDC upto 240VAC coil and DIN plug supplied. Buy your Power Genex namur solenoid valves online at AVS.

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