Power Genex positioner for pneumatic actuators with smart features

SKU: PAA86-us


Pneumatic Actuator Accessory
Smart Positioner for proportional control
Electro-pneumatic positioner
Requires clean dry air 5 micron max.
Local visual position indication
Area: Exd Zone 1 & 2
Brand: Power Genex
Housing: Epoxy coated aluminum
Ingress: IP67
Control signal: 4-20mA input
Feedback: No
Mounting: Namur, VDI-VDE3845


Sets actuator position proportionally to input signal
Detects pinion position of pneumatic actuator
Compares pinion position with input signal
Drives actuator to correct any difference
MUST be supplied with clean dry air (max 5 micron)


Can ‘hunt’ when fitted to small volume actuators
Fit orifice discs to small volume actuators


Power Genex Exd Zone 1 electro-pneumatic positioner, smart type with auto calibrate and programmable features. 4-20mA input signal. Low air consumption. IP67 epoxy coated aluminum housing. Universal mounting bracket conforming to Namur and VDI-VDE3845.

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