Prisma air actuator with Polyamide plastic housing



Pneumatic valve actuator, quarter turn
Brand: Prisma
Rack and pinion design
Blow-out proof pinion
Housing: Plastic (Polyamide)
Ends: Plastic (Polyamide)
Pinion: ENP steel
Pistons: Plastic
Seals: NBR


Driven by dry, filtered compressed air
Min/ max air pressure: 2bar/ 8bar
Min/ max working temperature: -20C to 80C
Air to open, air to close (double acting) or spring to close (spring return)
Can be configured reverse acting


Torque output dependant upon air supply pressure or quantity of springs.
Allow a safety factor when sizing.
Valve torque increases when idle for long periods.
Valve torque increases in dry duty applications.


PRISMA pneumatic actuator with Polyamide plastic housing, rack and pinion design. Driven by compressed air with air to open, air to close, double acting function or spring to close, single acting function. Conforms to ISO5211 for mounting of valves, and Namur plus VDI-VDE3845 for mounting of solenoid valves, limit switch boxes and positioners. CE marked. ATEX Zone I and II certified, SIL 2 and 3 rated. Buy PRISMA actuators and actuated valves online at AVS.

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