WRAS Approved Electric On-Off Iron Butterfly Valves with AVA Electric Actuator




Wafer pattern butterfly valves sandwich between two mating flanges, secured by through bolts that pass all the way from one flange to the other, and a corresponding nut. See diagram to the right.
The correct alignment of wafer pattern valve so that the butterfly valve’s resilient liner seals against the raised faces of the flanges is aided by through-bolt lugs cast into the wafer valve’s body, although as these lugs are oval in shape to allow alignment with several different flange standards (ANSI, BS, DIN), care must be taken to ensure correct alignment when tightening the through bolts.
Wafer butterfly valves are not suitable for end of line service.

Water, and most non-corrosive media, subject to compatibility with wetted parts in contact with media. These valves use EPDM that is approved in the UK by WRAS for use with drinking water (potable water)
Electrical actuators sized on a maximum differential pressure of 10 bar wet service, operated at least once per day. If the intended duty differs from these parameters or is dry (air or gas), call to check JJ actuator sizing as a larger output valve actuator may be required.
The maximum working temperature of a directly mounted assembly is +60C. For higher working temperatures, consider models that have a mounting kit between the valve and actuator which uses air cooling to dissipate the rising heat from the valve away from the actuator. Should the AVA smart actuator see more than +60C it will malfunction.


•Local controls with external OLED screen and push buttons.
•Fully weatherproof smart industrial actuator.
•Multi-voltage capable compact actuator.
•No need to remove the actuator’s main cover to connect electrically.
•Emergency manual override facility.
•Thermostatic anti-condensation heater.
•Electronic torque limiter.
•End of travel switches for remote open/ closed indication.
•Local mechanical visual position indicator.
•CE marked.


These WRAS Approved electric actuated wafer pattern cast iron butterfly valves use the AVA S60 electric actuator to provide on-off isolation in drinking water applications. Stays put if power fails. Supplied fully assembled and tested. You can buy electric actuated butterfly valves online at AVS.

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Data Sheets

Technical Specs


Actuator housing: ABS
Supply voltage rating: 24V AC or DC 110-240VAC
IP Rating: IP67
Actuator temp limits: -20 to +60°C
Assembly temp limits: EA6103S +60°C Direct mounted
                                        EA6113S +120°C Mounted via kit
Valve body: Cast Iron, epoxy coated
Valve disc: Stainless steel
Valve liner: EPDM - WRAS approved
Valve Pressure rating: 16 Bar
Valve temp limits: -10 to +120°C
Size range: 2” to 12”