Electric Valves

AVS try to offer market leading electric actuators and offer two main brands from stock, the hugely flexible J+J range, and the compact AVA actuator that offers big benefits from such a small housing. AVS can however supply a wide range of electric actuators and electric valves so if you are unable to find the actuators or electric actuated valves you require on this web site, please just ask.
Electric actuated valves use electric actuators to drive them open and closed. Electric valve actuators typically convert high speed low torque output motors into low speed high rotary torque output that drives the valve via a gearbox. The most common electric valves are electric actuated ball valves and electric actuated butterfly valves, although electrically actuated gate valves or sluice valves are often used in larger pipe sizes.
Electric ball valves and electric butterfly valves use part-turn rotary electric actuators, whereas electric gate valves use multi-turn linear electric actuators.
You can buy electrical actuators and electric valves online with confidence at AVS.

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