J+J Electric Actuator


The European electric actuator manufacturer J+J have been at the forefront of actuator innovation and have several ‘first to market’ features that have subsequently become the new norm, such as automatic multi-voltage sensing and electronic torque limiting.

The J+J electric actuator is designed to be feature rich, quick and easy to install and very user friendly, and with sales to more than 70 countries around the world and a production in excess of 50,000 actuators per year, is now a globally recognised brand.

Actuated Valve Supplies, ISO9001-2015 quality assured and one of the UK’s leading electric actuator suppliers, offer several different types of electric actuators for sale to cover different actuated valve requirements, including the globally recognised JJ electric valve actuator range. J and J electric actuators are designers and actuator manufacturers based in Europe and have been at the front of innovation in the electronic actuator field for over 20 years, with several ‘first to market’ features.
In the early years JJ realised that it was expensive for valve actuator stockists to hold different models to cover 12V actuators, 24V actuators and 240V actuators so were early to market with multi-voltage electrical actuators. Their current production offers 24V to 240V multi-voltage capability and has automatic voltage sensing.
Recognising the need for more stock flexibility, they were also early to market with function conversion kits that quickly and easily changed an on off electric actuator to a fail safe actuator or a modulating actuator, and this ability to convert the function is a strong sales feature.
The Polyamide plastic housing makes the JJ actuator an ideal partner for actuated ball valves and actuated butterfly valves with plastic valves, but does not preclude it from being fitted to create metal actuated valves, and JJ valves commonly use brass, cast iron and stainless steel valves in the valve and actuator assembly.