Lever operated butterfly valve wafer ductile iron

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Butterfly valve to regulate or isolate flow in pipe systems.
Media can flow in either direction (bi-directional).
Wafer type butterfly valve to suit PN10/16, ANSI 150lb, Table D/E flanges
Body: Ductile Iron Disc: Stainless Steel Liner: EPDM.
Lockable lever operated up to 10″, gear operated thereafter.
Complies with PED 97/23/CE


Hand operated
Open/ Close
Disc turns 90 degrees


Max Pressure: 16bar
Temp Range: -10C to +120C
Note: As temp rises, max pressure reduces.
See Pressure x Temperature chart.


These quality lever operated wafer ductile iron butterfly valves with stainless disc and EPDM liner are ideal for use with water and general service applications. Buy these valves online from AVS.

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