Problem Solving Compact Industrial Electric Actuators

Failsafe electric actuators

Failsafe electric actuators divide engineers and specifiers, the more popular system over the last 15 years of a trickle-charged industrial battery backup system is falling out of favour due to the security issues around transporting battery operated systems by air. Mechanical failsafe actuators using springs are an expensive and heavy alternative.

Actuated Valve Supplies

Actuated Valve Supplies, a UK based ISO9001-2015 quality assured specialist supplier of all types of industrial valves, valve actuators and motorized valve packages, recommends the AVA actuator, a compact industrial electric valve actuator that offers an impressive range of customisable features. The AVA failsafe actuator employs robust internal capacitors to store the energy needed to create the failsafe movement, these simple electronic components are light, are free of such security issues, and are very cost effective. Problem solved.

Fast Acting AVA

Users offer high praise for the fast acting AVA actuator which offers a one second working time in the lowest torque output model, which produces a maximum of 20Nm or 177in.lbs. The high speed all electronic AVA actuator often replaces solenoid valves which are vulnerable to sticking when used on any media with any level of contaminants as their small flow paths get blocked. The AVA can be mounted to a full-bore ball valve which eliminates this issue – problem solved.

Pneumatic Actuation

A further opportunity for the high-speed AVA actuator is to replace pneumatic actuators in applications where a compressed air supply is unavailable AND a fast-acting actuator is required. Remote applications where the location of the motorized valve has power available but no means of external control signalling such as a PLC or control panel, presents a problem. Flow isolation of water in mines is a good example. The AVA Timer actuator offers a comprehensive digital timer that allows multiple programmable open and close movements per day, with settings for weekdays and weekends. Setting the timer is user-friendly with a bright OLED screen and 3 external push buttons, standard in the AVA smart actuator. Problem solved.


By far the feature that scores the biggest hit with users is the compact size of the AVA actuator. Original equipment manufacturers, skid builders, machine builders and many others have a need for an industrial quality electric actuator that is powerful but has a small footprint, often space is limited and traditional actuators are just too big, and disproportionate to the valve size. The lowest torque version of the AVA electrical actuator sits comfortably in the palm of a hand, often 2/3 smaller than a traditional valve actuator with the same torque output. Problem solved.

Failsafe electric actuator in a hand
Capacitor driven to eliminate the security issues of batteries

UK Stock

Stocked at their UK valve and actuation centre in the UK, AVS offers a technical sales service, actuated valve assembly and test service, and an after sales service with a strong reputation within the industry.

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