Aluminum limit swiitch boxes for pneumatic actuators safe area

SKU: PAA46-us


Pneumatic Actuator Accessory
Limit switch box for end of travel confirmation
Local visual position indication
Remote electrical confirmation
Area: Safe area use only
Brand: YTC
Housing: Coated aluminum
Ingress: IP67
Switches: 2 x SPDT Mechanical Micro Switches
Mounting: Namur, VDI-VDE3845


Driven by actuator pinion.
Provides full open and full closed confirmation.


Check actuator VDI-VDE3845 dimensions
Check Namur pinion dimensions
Safe area use only


YTC Limit switch box with epoxy coated aluminum housing and clear dome indicator, IP67 fully weatherproof. 2 x SPDT mechanical micro switches. Compliant with Namur and VDI-VDE3845, with stainless steel bracket.

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