Namur Pilot Solenoid Valves for Pneumatic Valve Actuators

SKU: PAA1-us


Pneumatic Actuator Accessory:
24VDC up to 240VAC Namur Pilot Solenoid Valve
Provides electric control of pneumatic actuators.
Energise open, de-energise spring close.
Brand: AVS, ASCO 551, RGS Reflex, Power Genex
Area: Safe area use only
Body: Coated aluminum
Spool: Stainless steel
Seals: NBR
Air ports: 1/4″ BSPP


Energise to open, de-energise to close


Suits 1/4″ Namur standard interface.


AVS low cost, ASCO 551, RGS Reflex, and Power Genex namur pilot solenoid valve for safe area use. Coated aluminum body. Can be used on single or double acting pneumatic actuators, and has a manual override facility. 24VDC up to 240VDC coil and LED DIN plug supplied. Buy your namur solenoid valves online at AVS.

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