High performance manual wafer butterfly valve PTFE seat

SKU: V6301M


Butterfly valve to regulate or isolate flow in pipe systems.
Media can flow in either direction (bi-directional).
CE Marked as per 97/23/EC Directive Cat III Mod H
Approvals: ATEX EX II 2 GD. Buareu Veritas. SIL.
Wafer type to suit PN10/16/125 & ASA150 flanges
Body: Carbon Steel Disc: Stainless Steel Seat: RTFE.
Lever operated up to 6″, gear operated thereafter.


Hand operated
Open/ Close
Disc turns 90 degrees


Temp Range: -40C to +125C at 25bar
Temp Range: -40C to +210C at 16bar
Note: As temp rises, max pressure reduces.
See Pressure x Temperature chart.


Lever operated PN25 rated high performance wafer pattern double offset butterfly valve with carbon steel body, stainless steel disc and RPTFE seat offering a wide service temparature range of -60C to +260C (subject to pressure). Buy these valves online from AVS.

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